Microchannel Devices (µCD) is an innovative SME based in Turin born in 2019 as a spin-off of STV Group, with the support of a number of private investors and LIFTT, a private equity fund dedicated to the acceleration of innovative start-ups.


Following the set-up, other prestigious Italian private equity initiatives have joined, strengthening the corporate structure and responding to a concept of widespread and qualified shareholding, to promote the growth of the company.


µCD is the result of a series of R&D projects, aimed at developing innovative product and process solutions in the field of

micro-channeled devices starting from more than 50 years experience of STV in chemical milling on large format plates.


The know-how of µCD was initiated in 2009, through collaborations with French multinationals for the development of

PCHE (Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger) compact plate heat exchangers for the cooling of nuclear power plants.


Thanks to the partnership with some of the most important European research centers, it has been possible to develop innovative solutions capable of overcoming the limits of the traditional technology adopted for PCHE in terms of channels and plates size.


In 2019, the research activity carried out in previous years led to the publication of patents that are today the distinctive know-how of µCD.


In 2020 the new headquarters in Turin industrial area was opened, a plant of over 4000 square meters, with modern machinery and a fully integrated production cycle according to the criteria of "Industry 4.0"


µCD is active in designing and manufacturing micro-channel devices used in the processes of green energy transition and circular economy.


Our products apply to the entire chain of production, distribution and utilization of Hydrogen and LNG, to the use and conversion of CO2 and to power generation and chemical and biological reactors.


We master the technologies of chemical milling of photoengraved metal plates, “Industry 4.0” assembly and innovative welding processes like diffusion bonding, applied on wide size plates.


µCD products and services are addressed to the new frontiers of energy production (H2, nuclear, solar) and CO2 trapping as well as to more traditional markets (Oil&Gas), manufacturing components and devices mainly for processing natural gas (CNG, LNG), the “cleanest” hydrocarbon and mandatory step between the (hydro) carbon-based economy and the green economy.


INNOVATION - µCD invests more than 20% of total capex in R&D for product and process innovation through internal R&D team and test lab in collaboration with PoliTO, IIT, MESAP.


SUSTAINABILITY - µCD is active in the construction of devices for the use of carbon-free fuels and for the segregation of CO2. We have developed processes to reduce by 70% water consumption and optimize the power requirement of our facility. We generate 100 kW through our solar panel array.


LEGACY - µCD is a young company, but it leverages the know-how accumulated by STV Group in more than 50 years of activity in the field of surface treatment processes for automotive and industrial applications, combined with recent process developments for PCHE.


PARTICIPATION - µCD is based on the collaboration between young engineers talented in industrial, energy, IT and materials science and highly experienced managers and specialists from various sectors (oil & gas, heat exchange, automotive, heat treatments).


CROSS-FERTILIZATION - The innovative approach of µCD stems from the contamination from different and complementary technological sectors, ranging from graphic technologies to surface treatments, to material sciences and welding processes.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - µCD has maximum flexibility so to identify the ideal solution for each of our customers and ensures product quality thanks to the monitoring of processes according to Industry 4.0 techniques.