µCD provides thermal treatment services thanks to its unique large horizontal HIP furnace for a wide range of applications, like:

  • Similar metal diffusion bonding of plates (stainless steel, Al, Ti, Copper and many others)
  • Gas pressure shaping of metallic alloy sheets with/without diffusion bonding
  • Homogenizing, annealing, aging of large welded structures or small items in very large batches «hard» soldering / brazing of large parts in T range > 900 °C (Cu-Zn, Cu-Ni, Ni solders..) like bonding of planar sputter targets to cooling plate
  • Powder metallurgy based hard-metals post sintering / post densification of large batches of small parts, up to very large parts 

Hot Isostatic Pressure (HIP) Furnace

Overall dimension and weight of the furnace (as depicted)

Furnace weight                                                                                   60000 kg (fully loaded)

7,8 m (included passage to control panel)


4,2 m (included safety valve)


8,2 m (excluded front loader rails)

Foot print


Loading type and capacity

Max gross load allowed 15000 kg (10t net load)
Heating zone nominal diameter (Ø) 1200 mm
Max load dimension box (WxHxL) 850 x 800 x 3000 mm
Max load dimension round (ØxL) 1000 x 3000 mm

Functional parameters

Max gas pressure (Argon)                                         100 bar (@1100 °C)
Max vacuum (min pressure)

1 Pa

Max temp (at amb. pressure)

1350 °C

Max heating capacity

1700 kW (6 independent zones)

Max temperature rise

4 °C / min (w/ 10 ton load)

Temperature homogeneity

±5 °C

Max temperature down

Protected for 15-20 °C/min

Heater material